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Scenes from a Laundromat

As some of you may know, ever since octopus_garden and I moved into Beige Acres back in aught-six, we've been without a washer or dryer. This is because until very recently (less than a month ago, in fact) we were hooked up to extremely crappy well water that was either clear, colorless, and full of hydrogen sulfide-- or orange, cloudy, and sulfur-free by turns. Neither one of these conditions was very compatible with clothes-laundering, so I developed a persistent weekly laundromat habit.

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My husband posted about that culinary Menace 2 Society, Paula Deen a couple of days ago. We usually end up watching her show on Food Network whenever we run across it, but it's not because we want to learn her recipes or even because we think she's such a compelling show host, personality-wise.

Nope, it's that sheer train-wreck, horrified-yet-can't-look-away factor we experience whenever we see the sheer magnitude of saturated fat, salt, and refined carbs go into her cooking.

Neither hubby nor I are thin people, but good grief-- we would probably be dead within a week of eating her cooking. I never saw the movie "Supersize Me," but I know what its general premise is-- how a man systematically went about measuring his day-by-day physical deterioration after switching to a diet of all fast food restaurant fare.

I'm thinking Paula Deen's food makes the Mickey-D Diet seem downright Heart Smart. If the guy from the "Supersize Me" movie were eating that, he might have actually expired before his self-imposed experiment was complete.

The problem with trying to parody Paula's show is that her recipes are so over the top it's nearly impossible to exaggerate enough. Even "The Paula Deen Diet" is pretty close to the ugly truth of that typical recipe of hers my husband references in his blog.

I never knew such a product as this existed, but as soon as I saw it on my flist today (courtesy of lt_kitty)the first thing I thought of was: PAULA DEEN!!! Hell, she oughta have a whole line of butter, bacon, and cheese flavored toiletries.

"For the taaahmes when yew cain't be cookin' mah dee-lishous recipes, yew cain at least be smellin' laaahk 'em!"
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Yes, I know I'm obnoxious...

One of my pet peeves is when people say, "I'm going to fix [a meal, a snack, a mixed drink, etc.]"

I find it hard to resist asking, "WHY??? Is your [meal/snack/beverage] BROKEN???"
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Right Radio

My husband has often asked me how I can stand to listen to right-wing radio talk show hosts. I've told him that I like hearing differing points of view, and that I am most interested to hear if there is rationale behind the opinions (instead of dogma such as "that's how it's always been done" or "that's what the Bible says").

That being said, there is a wide range of conservative ideology out there. Some of it does appear to come from a place of genuine concern and even compassion. However, sadly, most of what I hear when I listen to conservative talk radio seems to involve a spewing of ridicule and condescension-- if not downright venom-- toward those whose political views differ from that of the show host.

While "Dr. Laura" is not, in the strictest sense, a political commentator, those who call her for advice quickly learn (if they didn't know already) that she isn't there to share information, relate her own experiences, or in any other way treat her callers as if they are adults deserving of respectful discourse.

No sir, she is there to tell you you're wrong, you're stupid, your life experiences mean nothing, and your opinions don't matter. You've fucked up your life, and probably those of everyone around you by, in a weak moment, daring to want and seek some happiness for yourself; and the damage is now irrevocable. The best you can do is verbally roll over on your back at her feet, acknowledge that she now controls your destiny.

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Living vicariously through my children, part 23769...

"It took you forever to get this album finished-- if you don't put some effort into promoting it, I'm going to kill you," I told him. "Him" would be my elder son... uh, "Jumpin' John Tripp."

I must have made some impression with my only-partially-idle threat, because it looks like he's at least made a start in that direction :)

Now we need to book some shows around here... and make a video! Keep the momentum going.

They really are a good band-- and this CD is clever. Check out the sample clips, if you're into indie pop/rock music!

[Edit: since you're following your referrer links and reading this, John, I think you should know that "Life" is my choice for your first video. I have some stunning ideas for it, too. Should I email them to you...?]
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