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Encyclopædia Pathetica

A Veritable Cornucopia of WTF-ery

SubGenius Altar Girl
19 September 1961
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It’s all right today, there’s a new ray of light
Creeping through my window pane
See I don’t try no more to get in or to fit in
That’s the same old song
I put a new record on, it’s a 45
I’m letting it spin my life, hey

This is for a brand new heart and a brand new start
This is for oh my god I finally woke up
This is for dreams in motion and swinging wheels of fortune
Here’s to my new song I’m singing loud

Pa pa pa pa pa pa
pa pa pa pa pa pa
Pa pa pa pa pa pa
pa pa pa pa pa pa

Open up my heart, and the wind will take
All these silly sorrows away
See the world as new, discover it all again
Unwrap the world like a birthday present, yeah!

Take the long way home with my headphones on
Different streets have different songs, but hey
I’m a dreamer, to all you non believers
Here's to my new song I’m singing loud...

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Wife. Mother. Bleeding heart liberal. Vanilla-poly-fi girl. Animal lover. Music lover. Technophile. Atheist. Anti-racist. Queer rights activist. Registered nurse of many years. Incurable romantic. Intractible goofball. Graduate student. Domestic violence survivor. (among other things... ;))

Duyuyorsun değil mi suskunluğumu nasıl haykırıyor...
Susarak sevgisini ilan eden çok var sevgilim ...
Ama bir başka seven yok benim sustuğum bicimde .....

"Truth is to the fool what kitchen lights are to roaches." ~Johnathan Iverson

"Poor [fundamentalist Christian apologist], he has wasted his entire life with his delusions, and now has to desperately cling to them or be forced to admit that he has wasted his entire life with delusions..." ~commenter "gr8hands" in scienceblogs.com/pharyngula

, absurdist plots, adult swim, angel, ani difranco, animal planet, anxiety, aqua teen hunger force, as if, assisted living dracula, atheism, augusten burroughs, avocados, beads, being inappropriate, big yummies, bleeding heart liberalism, bloomin' onions, brad's dead fish, buffy, burberry brit, cayenne, chai, cilantro, cologne, cooking, cuddling, cult survivors, cultural diversity, curry, cynicism, dave's burning nuts, democratic party, do what now?, domestic violence survivors, dry red wine, egg nog ice cream, emo, emotional authenticity, ethical nonmonogamy, ex-christian, ex-lds, fag hags, fewer than 150 interests, flag-man and pitcher-man, fragrance, freedom from religion, freethought activism, fresh tomatoes, garage bands, garageband.com, garlic, gay rights, ginger, glitter, goofy minnesotans, grape soda, having some damn integrity, honest tea, hummus, hypnotic poison, indie rock, intellectual smartasses, intelligent people, james randi, jewelry, kenyan cru, larry flynt, lavender, law & order, lemon, lietuva, lime, limerence, lip gloss, mark morford, middle eastern food, mooninites, muggle studies, music, musk, nail polish, nigerian accents, nursing, objectivism, patagonian conures, penn & teller's bullshit, pets, philosophy, pictures of annie, pissing off conservatives, polyamory, pre-1997 tori amos, pro-choice, quackwatch, quantum physics, racial reconciliation, redemptionistas, rush (the band), rush (the conservative goofball), saffron, same-sex marriage, sandalwood, saying fuck a lot, secular humanism, skepticism, smelling things, solid organ transplants, south beach diet, south park, sparkly things, sparkly-smartness, speaking fluent mp3, spelling things correctly, straight but not narrow, strong coffee, sure- whatthefuckever, tabbouleh, tequiza, terrible terry tate, the blind pig, the croc hunter, the g-man, the golden girls, the house of guerlain, the mighty stephen hawking, theakston's old peculier, tmi, vanilla (the flavor), vanilla (the sexuality), verschränkung, web design, white castle, whole foods, xlds